Data submission is our key to success and whilst we are amateurs we do need to mindful of
the data quality. Inaccurate data can be worse than no data as it can add ‘noise’ when
comparing results between observers.

The following shows what data must be included with comments


Date – Ideally in YYY-MM-DD format which is the International Standard.

Trigger time in hh:mm:ss – This is the most important piece of information for comparison
purposes. It MUST be UTC and the computer’s clock MUST be automatically synchronised
against an internet time server, preferably on at least an hourly basis.

Signal level at the trigger point as either dB FS or dBm - its assumed this value is dB unless stated otherwise

Noise level at the trigger point as either dB FS or dBm - its assumed this value is dB unless stated otherwise

(S\N Ratio is be automatically calculated from the Signal and Noise values)

TX Source – i.e. Graves - we are loking at more in depth source info to be able to calulate a true doppler shift

TimeSync – i.e. Dimension 4 or Meinberg NTP etc

Doppler Frequency – Most people record if you provide a true Doppler value then
frequency is not required, if you don’t provide a Doppler value then the estimated Doppler is
automatically calculated by subtracting the mean monthly frequency from the individual frequency

Duration – preference is to get this value in Seconds, I appreciate many people record this in
cycles of the SL Conditional Actions script but you can estimate what a
cycle is in seconds and use this as a conversion factor. However if your records are in
cycles and you do not provide a conversion factor, then we divide your duration by 6

We do like to try and include Event Images for the Longer duration events – however once
you data has been added these can be uploaded by yourself at a later date
We have not yet added any audio clips but again if you have some for the longer duration we
can see how to add them.

It’s appreciated that many of us submit data to RMOB so may not want to change the script
so we will add some help below on how to get Spectrum Lab to produce 2 log files and how
to capture both the Event Durations in seconds and the true Dopplershift in Hertz.

Log files sent in have to be imported into excel and then a little bit of work undertaken before
data is added

The excel file below is an example for what the data looks like when its ready for an import

Excel File Right Click and Save as - will be added shortly

Actual Data Submission

A nice formatted Excel file is prefered but I will take log txt files they just take longer to
process - eventually we will have a facility to upload your own data - in the mean-time if you
are a contributor I will be prompting you each month

If you are not a contributor and want to be then use the contact form on the Welcome Page


How to calculate how long a cycle is in seconds
Coming Soon……….

How to capture Duration in seconds rather than cycles
Coming Soon……….

How to get SL to produce 2 logs files if you prefer to leave your script unchanged

Coming Soon……….

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